Created With

This site was created using Visual Code Studio on Mac OS with Brave as my primary web browser. I also used iTerm 2 as my terminal alternative.

I used the stack of HTML, CSS, and some very minor Javacscript along with SASS.I wanted to use as little js as possible so the modal itself is completely CSS and I also used the Sanitize.css to noramlize the CSS across browsers. After the front end was mostly designed I created a basic database with MySQL and developed the general theme with PHP.

I used codepen to steal and test some snipplets. While in development I used Git for version control and used a private repo on Github. For resources I used Font Awesome & Google Fonts.

While developing offline I use MAMP and for an web server I decided to go through Veerotech which I then use cPanel on and I use Cyberduck to transfer files remotely.

The standard Adobe suite, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator were used for my photography, illustrations, and website mock ups.

I use Asana to manage tasks and to do lists. I use Google Maps to generate a map for where each photo was taken as long as I had the GPS coordinates of the photo and I used the Spotify API to link to songs. Lastly I use Proton mail as my primary email service and Telegram as my main messenger.